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The project Peyote Ugly is a result of a collaboration between five artists from different countries; Poland, Holland, Mexico and Norway, and was created at Arthouse, in Leiden, Holland. The artists created a fictional narrative based on Dutch folklore including many characters from old Dutch fairy tales. The story was composed into a contemporary fairy tale that became a full of humour short film where they performed as those characters.


This project is extremely entertaining, however fun aspects of it are not the only driving force behind it. It is a true testament to what the world of NFTs offers to collectors and allows artists to create. The art created for part 2 of Peyote Ugly is truly unique as it encompasses a variety of techniques and no creative discipline has been spared in this mixture. Practices ranging from painting, sculpture, printmaking, film-making, creating a book and old school puzzles to its digital counterparts like 3D sculpting, virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D scanning and photography, make this project truly one of a kind.


The Peyote Ugly: The Awakening of the Devil drop, consists of 6 nfts. Two editions, 3D animations with audio, and four 1/1s, animations with audio + physical AR oil paintings.


The exhibition is live NOW in LA and NYC! Visit Crypt Gallery in DREAM DOWNTOWN & DREAM HOLLYWOOD and collect your POAP entering you automatically in an #NFT raffle.


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In the aftermath of a fierce battle with Mexican gods, five artists reunite in Holland to reminisce about their adventures in Mexico. While celebrating on an old farm, they stumble upon a bag of what they believe to be dried Nopal pieces, only to be interrupted by a sudden blackout that plunges the village into darkness.

Unfazed at first, they discover the farm is filled with gnome-like creatures who reveal that the devil, known as The Boeman, has crossed over, lowering the veil between life and death. The artists are tasked with solving a series of puzzles within 24 hours to summon the Witte Wieven, ultimate beings who can defeat the devil. Warned of the devil's tricks, they set out to assemble a dagger, matches, key, gold pendant, and a goat for sacrifice.

As they journey to their art studio, the artists undergo bizarre transformations, with each member taking on absurd and surreal characteristics. Realizing it's a distraction from the devil, they focus on solving the first puzzle, aligning stars to open a magic box. Transported to different locations, they solve subsequent puzzles, leading them to a giant windmill.

The clues from the Kabouters guide them to use the key's reflection in sunlight to count the windmill blades, unlocking the next puzzle. The ground shakes, transporting them to a forest, where they face challenges and finally decipher the maze-related clues. At the maze's end, they encounter a Kabouter who declares them ready to face the Wise Women.

The artists find themselves back in a burial ground, where they sacrifice a goat, paint themselves with its blood, and perform a dance as instructed. The Wise Women appear, and Violet persuades them to help seal the veil between the worlds, ensuring the safety of both realms.

Transported back to the house, the artists, now free from demonic transformations, celebrate their victory over evil forces. The gnomes are gone, and the world is secure. In a joyful conclusion, they decide to revel in food and drink to commemorate their success.

The Art




Cross discipline & mixed media.
Edition 10/10
Ranked auction

Cross discipline & mixed media.
Edition 20/20

Totem 1


Witte Wieven (Wise Women)


Witte Wieven are commonly thought to be wights, ghosts of witches or victims of a painful death and now haunt the earth looking for revenge. While the malicious nature of the Witte Wieven has endured in the minds of people all over Europe, they were also thought to be benevolent spirits as well. In Dutch Low Saxon dialects, wit or witte means wise or clever/witty. As such, Witte Wieven actually translates to wise women, and were, historically, thought to be the spirits of wise female herbalists or healers, who were highly revered by their communities and were honoured with a ceremonial burial upon their death.


In Peyote Ugly, The awakening of the Devil we use them as a symbol of goodness, hope and salvation. We represented them as supernatural ghostly, majestic yet fear evoking creatures to emphasise their power over the earthly beings.



Totem 2

Kabouters (Gnomes)


Kabouters also known as house spirits who are nocturnal and known to be sensitive creatures. Usually kind and helpful of nature, they befriend most of the forest animals, even treating them when wounded. They are vegetarians. If one were to leave food for them, they'd find a way to repay it. On the other hand, if one were to disrespect them, they'd either leave the area, or torment the residence.

In Peyote Ugly, The awakening of the Devil we represented them as helpful but obnoxious little gnomes who enjoy indulging in debauchery and occasional fights.



Cross discipline & mixed media.
Bonus NFT
Aidrop for holders of witte wieven & Kabouters



Boeman (Devil)


He was known to be the culprit of a number of things all through the Netherlands. Some people said the Boeman kidnapped misbehaving children late at night, others said he pulled children into the water. Again other say he's a malicious house spirit. Oftentimes Boeman is just a synonym for Child Terror.


In Peyote Ugly, The awakening of the Devil we assign Boeman’s qualities to the devil himself making them the same character all together. We see him as a scary and fiery creature using most traditional symbols in his representation.


The 1/1 by Daniel Martin represents Blauwe Gerrit, a Dutch demon, and consists of an NFT + a physical painting.


1/1 NFT - an animation of Blauwe Gerrit accompanied by a audio track.


Physical - Blauwe Gerrit , 60x80cm, augmented reality, oil painting on panel.


Reserve: 1 ETH

Blauwe Gerrit - Daniel Martin.jpg

Physcial oil painting

NFT animation

Blauwe Gerrit

Blauwe Gerrit (Blue Gerrit) is a fictional creature that plays a role especially in sagas from the Veluwe. It is seen as an ape-like, invisible, pest creature. BlauweGerrit, according to the stories, jumps on people's shoulders in deserted places and makes himself increasingly heavier. When one reaches the inhabited world, one is exhausted. He pushes walkers who walk in a cart track to the side (especially where two roads or paths intersect). He dances like a blue light through the bushes. His eyes glow like saucers. Between the houses of men he has little power. The teasing spirit rarely harms anyone, but does intervene when injustice threatens.




The 1/1 by Santiago Pani represents The Bokkenrijders, a character from a Dutch folktale and consists of an NFT + a physical painting.


1/1 NFT - an animation of The Bokkenrijders accompanied by an audio track.


Physical - The Bokkenrijders, 60x80cm, augmented reality, oil painting on canvas.


Reserve: 1 ETH


Physcial oil painting

NFT animation

The Bokkenrijders


The legend of the Bokkenrijders still appeals to the imagination, especially in Limburg. Buck riders were criminals – thieves and robbers mainly, but sometimes they also committed murder – who, according to legend, flew through the air on bucks. Folk tales only circulated in the eighteenth century in the Maasgouwen: the old duchy of Limburg, the Landen van Overmaas and the county of Loon, an area in present-day South Limburg.



The 1/1 by Violet Jones represents the character from a Dutch folktale The Oni on his travels, and consists of an NFT + a physical painting.


1/1 NFT - an animation of Oni accompanied by an audio track.


Physical - Oni, 60x80cm, augmented reality, oil painting on canvas.


Reserve: 1 ETH

Violet Peyote Ugly.jpg

Physcial oil painting

NFT animation



The Onis live in the clouds and occasionally fall off, during a peal of thunder. They are known for not washing their faces and having their hair incredibly tangled. The Onis love to play jokes on people, but they are not dangerous. This particular Oni landed in Japan and the most fun for the young Oni was to get into a crockery shop. Once there, he jumps round among the cups and dishes, hides in the jars, straddles the shelves and turns somersaults over the counter. In fact, the Oni is only a jolly little imp. Once the great Tycoon of the country wanted to make a present to the Prince of the Dutch. The Oni was playing in the porcelain dish room when he accidentally got packed up in the gifts and shipped off to Holland. Once in the new surroundings poor Oni died out of a broken heart and overwhelming sights and smells.





The 1/1 by Henrik Uldalen represents Klaas van Bommel and consists of an NFT + a physical painting


1/1 NFT - an animation of Klaas van Bommel accompanied by an audio track.


Physical - Klaas van Bommel, 24x32cm, augmented reality, oil painting on canvas.


Reserve: 1 ETH


Physical oil painting

NFT animation

Klaas Van Bommel


One day there was a twelve year old boy called Klaas Van Bommel. He had a very healthy appetite and never seemed to be able to eat enough. This young boy was a farmer's child, and at every meal there was cheese, which he really enjoyed but it just wasn't available in thick enough slices for his liking.




  • Two editions will be for sale in the number of 10 each. They will be sold via ranked auctions.


  • Collectors of both editions will be rewarded with an airdrop of a bonus NFT


  • Every winning bid of $750 and above will receive an AR print of the edition they purchased on Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper, A2 with border.


  • The highest bid, also if $1000 or above, in each ranked auction will additionally receive a hand made AR book with the story of the adventure and artwork included in the drop. A form of a catalog of the show.


  • Four 1/1 artworks will also be on auction, however here we will have a reserve of 1ETH. Each 1 of 1 NFT animation will come with a physical AR framed oil painting. The AR layer will be the NFT animation.

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